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3 Reasons Why It Is Better to Use a Private Messenger for Secure Communication

Send messages and files over LAN

3 Reasons Why It Is Better to Use a Private Messenger for Secure Communication

As long as nothing terrible has happened to you, you may not even think about the security of your correspondence. Even if you think that few people may be interested in your messages, this is not entirely true. Hacks, photo leaks, the spread of viruses, fraud — all this can affect “ordinary” users. Nevertheless, if we had to give a recommendation, we would stop at the stand-alone LAN messengers. Below you will find at least three reasons why.


Three Reasons to Use Private Messengers

Private messengers are usually installed for corporate needs when the security of data and control over the secret/innovative information is required. Private messengers for corporate needs are usually autonomous (LAN), which means that they provide the exchange of messages within a local network — whether it is an office network or a network within a specific building. It allows people to exchange information with their colleagues without a leakage threat. It is proved by the following advantages:

1) Protected from external influences

The program allows you to establish a stable messaging space within the local network, insensitive to the influences of the external network. Moreover, such software does not need an Internet connection to work. The network built in this way is peer-to-peer — each participant is both a user and a server, which eliminates the possibility of collisions in case of failure of one or more nodes. Such a network is more reliable than those built based on software that works with a two-tier architecture — client-server.

2) Simple interface

Private messengers have a simple and typical interface, familiar to everyone. You can get access to all the tools and program settings in just a couple of clicks. In addition to text messages, the LAN messengers provide the ability to send files by analogy with Skype. Besides sending instant messages and files, it may also include other features, for example, creating virtual rooms with an unlimited number of participants, mass mailing, saving message history, grouping contacts by department or position, etc.

3) Minimization of the human factor

Security threats occur somewhere between human and technical factors. No matter how hard the program developer tried to ensure the security of software, the human factor remains the most significant part of the data security. Human habits, digital hygiene, and other factors are crucial. However, LAN messengers allow configuring the chats in a way that all data can be traced by the administrator.

Therefore, everyone will choose the most convenient messenger for themselves: for someone, convenience is the presence of stickers, for someone — the quality of the conversation by audio or video. We believe that security is the key parameter, which can be guaranteed by the LAN messengers.