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Top 5 Messengers for Paranoids

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Top 5 Messengers for Paranoids

Messengers are so deeply integrated into our daily life that they have become an integral part of it. Modern etiquette instructs us not to call but first clarify in the messenger when and how it is convenient for someone to communicate. In chats, we discuss personal and working issues, spending the lion’s share of time on correspondence. At the same time, the boundaries of security are becoming more and more transparent: we trust tons of information to the messengers, which can be a commercial secret or deeply personal. In this article, we’ll talk about how insecure the most popular instant messengers are and pick up top-5 messengers for paranoids.


Why Are Public Messengers Insecure?

It is no longer a myth that the secret services of many countries use the unofficial opportunity to influence Internet providers and gain access to information in the cloud. For instance, Viber stores a backup copy of messages on Google Drive, but the developers honestly warn that they are not responsible for the privacy of such copies. Meanwhile, WeChat collects an incredible amount of data on its servers, and this is just a gift for the state. In China, the app shows users’ maps in real-time to the government. They check the data of each individual user. Besides, WeChat does not have digital encryption, so the user protects access to his account with a password, and this protection can be easily bypassed.

There are also troubles with Facebook’s messenger — WhatsApp. Its founders left the company and agreed on the insecurity of the messenger as one of the reasons for their leave. The company’s messengers are often at the center of scandals related to the leakage of users’ data. For example, the case of Cambridge Analytica’s collection of data on 87 million Facebook users is known to everyone.


Top-5 Messengers for Paranoids

Perhaps, it is better to be paranoid but to make sure that your correspondence is secured. For this purpose, we recommend using one of the below messengers to protect it:

  1. Softros LAN Messenger — safe and effective solution for corporate intra-office correspondence;
  2. Telegram — convenient messenger for private communication that has its own end-to-end encryption mechanism;
  3. Threema — paid messenger, which provides anonymity of users, and messages are encrypted directly on the devices;
  4. FaceTime — this Apple’s software uses end-to-end encryption to protect data as it travels between two devices;
  5. Hangouts — messages are encrypted as soon as they are sent.

The use of reliable instant messengers with secret chats will help to protect yourself as much as possible. Enjoy!