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Month: April 2021

Send messages and files over LAN

3 Reasons Why You Need To Use a Private Messenger In a Company

When most companies switched to telework, the issue of the convenience and security of internal communication became even more relevant. What messenger should you use to make it convenient, inexpensive, functional, and, most importantly, secure? In our new article, we will discuss why corporate messengers are needed, and key reasons to use them in a…
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3 Reasons Why It Is Better to Use a Private Messenger for Secure Communication

As long as nothing terrible has happened to you, you may not even think about the security of your correspondence. Even if you think that few people may be interested in your messages, this is not entirely true. Hacks, photo leaks, the spread of viruses, fraud — all this can affect “ordinary” users. Nevertheless, if…
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How to Secure Communication Between Your Employees

The massive transition to remote work finished well — 81% of people did not have to gain any new skills, but only 36% are positive about the new experience. The problems are mainly related to the lack of a single space for communicating with colleagues. In conditions of uncertainty, it is important to think about…
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