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The Main Advantages of a Private Messenger from a Public One

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The Main Advantages of a Private Messenger from a Public One

When choosing a messenger for corporate usage, one should be guided by the communication methods that are prioritized for the company (video communication or chatting), as well as several criteria that are important for all participants. First of all, it is worth considering the technical and financial capabilities of the company, since the cost of the subscription significantly varies. Besides, it is important to ensure the security of correspondence. Is it worth using a private messenger to avoid hacking or information leakage? We believe so.


Key Differences Between Public and Private Messenger

Corporate messengers are divided into cloud and local. The first type of messengers is easy to install and is usually free, but does not meet data security requirements. These are usually the messengers that store correspondence in the cloud, which makes them vulnerable to hacking. All large and small corporations cooperate with intelligence services in the countries where they operate. Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and many other social networks and instant messengers share a certain amount of user data with the authorities. Someone gives more, someone less, but the bitter truth is that everyone does it. Therefore, using a public messenger for corporate needs is not only foolish but also dangerous, because it also makes your correspondence vulnerable to data leaks and espionage.  

Local messengers provide communication only with users inside one server, but due to the lack of external connections, they are much safer. The local messenger works offline on the internal network without the Internet. The application is installed on all devices connected by a local network so that only authorized users have access to it. With such software, your employees can exchange instant messages, files, and documents, communicate via a webcam, but all data will remain on this network. This allows you to provide a reliable level of protection of commercial information and prevent its leakage.

The functionality of corporate messengers allows you to implement chatbots for businesses to automate such routine tasks as conducting surveys, sending documents, and training staff. Based on a chatbot, you can also create a unified knowledge base for employees, automate support, and much more.


How to Choose a Reliable Messenger?

When choosing a suitable program or application, you should focus on the following criteria:

  • The ability to transfer files of various formats and sizes;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Cross-platform (availability of mobile, desktop, web versions);
  • A good system of synchronization of the program/application with other devices;
  • Creation of chatbots that optimize workflow;
  • Possibility to install the program on your own server or encrypt messages.

Another important criterion when choosing a corporate messenger is the prospect of its development, the frequency of updates of various options because it is quite obvious that some companies are simply stuck in the past and do not show the desire to improve their product. Now you know all the benefits of using private messenger — which one will you choose?