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3 Reasons Why You Need To Use a Private Messenger In a Company

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Use a Private Messenger In a Company

When most companies switched to telework, the issue of the convenience and security of internal communication became even more relevant. What messenger should you use to make it convenient, inexpensive, functional, and, most importantly, secure? In our new article, we will discuss why corporate messengers are needed, and key reasons to use them in a company.


What Is a Corporate Messenger?

A corporate messenger is an application or program with the help of which employees communicate with each other. You can exchange instant messages, files, documents, create separate chats, and organize your correspondence. Another important advantage is the ability to create reminders for employees. Corporate messengers are used by numerous companies of various sizes and especially those who allow their employees to work remotely.

When switching to remote work, the most important issue is to establish a communication system between team members, who previously could discuss everything at the workplace, but now have to work from home. At the same time, it is important to maintain the quality and speed of resolving issues. What are the advantages of using them? Let’s find out.


Pros of Using Corporate Messengers

1. Convenient and fast communication

Even while at home, employees can quickly share news about the project, ask a question and get an answer, and always be in touch. Besides, all correspondence is saved, so you can return to them at any time and view the information again.

2. Thematic chats

In order not to write in one chat about everything in the world, you can create several chats and discuss a specific project in each of them. This will help avoid confusion and information leakage since only those participants who are involved in it can be added to the chat for each project.

3. Better security

Perhaps, security is the most important feature of corporate messengers. There are many desktop solutions with serverless architecture that provide the highest level of data encryption. Besides, it can be 100% stand-alone software, that allows employers to control the data leakage or chatting with outsiders. A secure corporate messenger, unlike a public one, can be flexibly administered: divide the audience by access levels;

limit the ability to comment; add and remove users; restore message history if necessary.


Criteria for Choosing a Good Messenger

Nowadays, there is a huge selection of corporate messengers on the Internet. However, not all of them meet the basic criteria for reliable software. Therefore, we suggest you use the following criteria as the guideline:

  • installation on a corporate/reliable server is very desirable;
  • support for multiple languages;
  • created for the communication in companies;
  • easy file transfer;
  • active directory and domain support;
  • built-in history viewer;
  • high level of encryption.


 In Conclusion

Working in any company, and especially remotely, implies compulsory communication between colleagues. They need to solve working issues, generate new ideas and just communicate, share memes, etc. Corporate messengers are the best option for this. When choosing, do not forget to pay attention to safety, functionality, and usability. Good luck!